Heart Strings the Musical - Set in Ireland 1908

Description: This unique musical takes place in August of 1908 in Ireland, the principal characters are: the wealthy Sir William Thomas Cosgrave, his wife of twenty-five years, Victoria Cosgrave, and their only child, a daughter named Elizabeth. Sir William is a content man with strong love for his wife Victoria, which she willingly reciprocates. The musical opens in the grand music room of Sir William’s home. The space’s elaborate décor features antique paintings and furniture, mechanical music machines and some wind and stringed musical instruments. Sir Williams decides to acquire a rare and special twenty-fifth wedding anniversary gift for his wife Victoria. His Lawyer friend Douglas Hyde, finds the perfect gift in Germany. Ultimately greed and envy overtake Mr. Hyde who stops at nothing to obtain the original item for himself ! He employs the help of Sir William’s man-servant to satisfy his plot. Consequently, Sir William’s family becomes endangered. Who will survive? What is this gift in Germany that is being fought for? Will lonely Elizabeth find true love? Or will love remain an unexplored desire in her heart . We will be performing our Hit Musical which is set in Ireland 1908 at MAPLE LEAF HOUSE in Etobicoke July 16 th 2017 show start at 8:pm. Bring your employees, group of friends and family on Sunday July 16th and spend some time with Sir Williams and his family in HEART STRINGS The MUSICAL , which has already being called “an endearing sweet original Canadian musical” , “a profound performance “ , “the cast gives their all”. Come early an enjoy Irish whiskey . Our main actor singing "Love Never Dies" https://youtu.be/BK_u1rncBHw Our web page : http://heartstringsplay.weebly.com/ Advance Tickets for Heart Strings the Musical is now on sale. Add this date on your calendar and smart phone or print this listing and place it on your fridge.

Start Time: July 16th, 2017 at 8:00pm
End Time: July 16th, 2017 at 10:15pm
Location: MAPLE LEAF HOUSE Banquet Hall
Address: 2749 Lake shore Blvd west

City: Etobicoke
Province: ON
Postal Code:

Website: heartstringsplay.weebly.com/